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Abhi Dates

Aruna Traders is a leading wholesale importers and exporters of Dates, Fruits and Vegetables in India, under the brand name "ABHI DATES" and the company is popularly be called as Bombay AA Group. Aruna Group of Companies was established in the year 1974, by Shri. A.A. Manoharan. The company is now managed by Shri. A.A. Manoharan, Shri M. Vetrivel, Shri Abhisek Vetrivel & Shri Abhi Roopan.

We import all kinds of dates from Iraq, Iran, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Algeria. Our clients are assured of quality. We consistently serve our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, enjoying the expansion of our market reach as well as creating a solid client base.


A. Arunachalam & Company, Mumbai, Since 1977
Vetrivel Trading Company, Mumbai, Since 1986
Aruna Traders, Since 1979
Sree Angaleswari Industries, Virudhunagar, Since 1986 - Manufacturer of Aluminium Alloy, Powder & Metal Powder
M. Vetrivel & Co., Virudhunagar, Since 1974



Abhi Dates is an Indian based company established in the year 1977



We are a leading supplier of different types of dates, in India



We are a leading supplier of different types of fruits, in India


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Aruna Traders

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